Saturday, July 10, 2010

Graduation Party Cookies

For Joe, who just graduated from Thayer Academy and is moving on to Northeastern University. The designs are based on the two schools logo's and mascots.

A special cookie for Joe, Congrats!

Thank you so much Kathy for ordering again! It's been a pleasure being a part of your children's celebrations.


Kathy said...

Thank YOU! A big hit with everyone and delicious!

Sole Sister said...

You are fabulous really. The colours are so vivid, I love them.

Sue Sparks said...

These cookies are PERFECT! WOW! Love your cupcakes in the previous post too:)

Lorraine said...

Hi Heba:

I love your blog and your cookies. Do you decorate all of your cookies with royal icing or do you use fondant on some - like the zebra print on the "funky cupcake" cookies? They are fabulous. Thanks. Lorraine

Mary Ann said...

Wow, those are really great! Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

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