Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Sweets

I made this cake and cake truffles for Idrees's birthday. The cake is blue velvet with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate buttercream ricotta filling. The decorations are royal icing transfers that I made to match the hanging decorations and paper goods. The truffles are the same blue velvet cake covered in a rich semisweet chocolate ganache. Both were enjoyed and it was a rewarding experience to make my little boy's first birthday cake.

The last two shots are by Feda Eid Photography


Party of 5 said...

Happy belated birthday little one. Sorry I missed it.
The cake looks delicious Heba and Idrees looks big and healthy, mashaAllah.

Dream It Up Cookies said...

Thank You Salma, I miss emailing with you girl :)

Modestly Me said...

Mashallah your so talented!

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