Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cameras and Cupcakes

Chocolate sugar cookies for a young lady's 13th birthday.

I <3 bows.

Thank You so much for ordering Annie! Happy birthday Zofia, wishing you many more birthdays to come.


Lorraine said...

The colors are great. I like the shading on the camera too. How did you do that and the wording/lettering? Did you use an edible marker because it doesn't look like frosting.

The Painted Cookie said...

I love your camera cookie Heba!Great collection, I am sure Zofia loved them!

cookies and cups said...

SO beautiful!!

Dream It Up Cookies said...

Thanks Ladies, I always love reading your nice comments.

Lorraine everything is icing except the wording on the camera cookie and the little lines on the buttons of the camera cookie. I don't use the edible marker that much, only for small details.

I use alot of wet on wet icing and it sometimes it looks like it could be drawn because it's totally flat.

Amnah said...

LOVE the cameras! Hope I can one day master this technique and have similar cookies at my dessert table during my parties. Your cookies are truly gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love these cookies! The colors and design are so great!

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