Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chocolate Brown Wedding Monograms

75 Chocolate brown wedding monogrammed cookies. For the first time ever, I let someone help decorate cookies with me. To help me out, my sister Feda hand painted most of the monogram letter's with pearl luster dust. There is also painted gold luster dust dots in the inner corners of each cookie. One of my other sisters (I have 4) Marwa helped me package them all up. Thanks Ladies, Love You! These were shipped to Kentucky. I've never shipped a big order before, but I'm happy to say not a single one broke. So far I've had great luck, and haven't had any cookies break during shipping. I have to say though, I do use entirely too much packaging, but it gets the job done.

Thanks so much to Leigh for ordering, so happy to have been a part of your wedding!

P.S Follow my sister Feda's blog, she is a great photographer. See her July archive and scroll all the way down to see more pictures of me and some of my sister's all painted up like this in "The Tribe Series":


Whimsy Cookie Co. said...

Beautiful and your letters are perfect!! Shipping is so scary..but thats what i have to do as well..use lots and lots of bubble wrap..way too much, but it works!!

cookies and cups said...

Very nice work!

The Painted Cookie said...

Your sisters did a great job with you! I wish I had some family around to help with me sometimes! Very Elegant cookies with a great presentation!

Anonymous said...

thanks heba!! You did an amazing job as always, can't wait for the next creations! Ya you guys should check her out in the tribe series and tribe outtakes in my blog. She's a great model as well as cookie maker :)

Dream It Up Cookies said...

Thanks everyone for your nice comments :0)

Sole Sister Salma said...

Those are gorgeous as usual.

Going to check out your sister's blog.

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