Friday, June 18, 2010

A Really Big Cookie

I made this a while back. It's a big sugar cookie that is roughly about 12x7 inches. It was used at a Master's dissertation presentation. The Dissertation was about Antar and Abla. The Footsteps say Antar and Abla in arabic, and the camel is because there is a part of their story where Antar has to go get a special kind of camel from another area to be able to marry his love Abla. I was a little reluctant to freehand such a big element (the camel). I drew it on paper first because my theory is that if I can draw it on paper than I can do it with a piping bag too. I was relieved that it came out ok, and that turned out to be only a minor issue.

The major issue being that, IT CRACKED, like a thousand times! I just stuck it back together with royal icing and moved on because there was no more time to make another one. I barely charged anything for this because of those cracks. My friends who ordered it really didn't mind the cracks that much, so it all worked out in the end. One good thing is that I have learned from my mistakes now. After alot of critical thinking I've figured out a fool proof plan of how to make one of these without the breakage.

Many thanks to my friends the Alzaim's for your support and your business :-)


Sue Sparks said...

A giant cookie? What a great idea! You did such an awesome job on the camel, he's so cute! All of your cookies look great!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting:)

Nurul said...

Do u do post to Malaysia? =)

cookies and cups said...

how cool! I never even thought that could be done ;)

Red30 said...

I can't even tell where the cracks are, you did a great job Heba!!

makes me want to go home and make a gaint sugar cookie!!! :-)

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