Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steam Punk Festival

I had the pleasure of making cookies for this awesome event. It was my first time vending and although I wasn't sure what to expect, I had such a blast and met so many wonderful people.
This is a good description of what Steam Punk is:
"Steampunk" is the science-fiction of the Steam Age; the Industrial Revolution re-imagined with the advantage of modern hindsight. Drawing upon the wealth of historical technology and the scientific fantasies of the Victorian and Edwardian periods, steampunk seeks to reinvent modern wonders (such as the computer) as the people of that era might have envisioned them. Following in the footsteps of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, steampunk authors blend history, science and imagination into a world of wonder that might have been. -G.D. Falksen
If you still don't get it (I didn't), google Steam Punk images and check it out.
It took some research and thinking to figure out what part of this culture would be best translated onto cookies. This is what I came up with. I made regular vanilla sugar cookies and chocolate chip chocolate sugar cookies. I tinted the icing as close to bronze as I could, and after they had dried, I painted over everything with bronze pearl dust.
The favorite, this design sold out first.

In the end after icing almost 100 cookies (and having a Root Canal), I wanted to do something a little easier so I simple flooded these and drew on them with edible writer markers.
Brown and gold small circle stacks

A gift bag I put together for the raffle at the festival. It had some hand embroidered tea towels, The Tea Deck by Sara Peterson, and two Steam Punk cookies.

My table! I love the way it all came together :)

Here's me! and my too tired to try that hard sign, that I finished at 4am.I sold almost all the cookies and whatever was left I just gave away to the other wonderful vendors on my way out.


Salma said...

Mashaallah, great work and you look beautiful.

The Painted Cookie said...

The Bronze looks great! I have thought of just gold and silver for metallics, but you have shown how beautiful it can be. So glad your first vending experience went so well. Hopefully the next one you won't have to deal with a root canal. Ouch!

cookies and cups said...

gorgeous! what a fun day :)

Dream It Up Cookies said...

thanks so much ladies :)

The root canal really almost killed the whole thing, but maybe it was good that I had something to focus on instead of just lieing about like a useless mess, dwelling on how much my mouth hurts.

Mary Ann said...

Wow! My girls (7 & 5) love the Agatha Heterodine Girl Genius comics--maybe you came across that one in your research? Beautiful work!

Red30 said...

Great cookies, I love the gold color and the designs you did on the cookies!!

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