Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arabic Coffee

I made these to give to friends to sample. I saw Tea Party cookies on Sweetopia that I love, and then I thought to make these Arabic coffee themed cookies. Arabic coffee is very similar to espresso, but made differently, and often includes cardamom. There is also another kind that is less commonly made in some parts of the middle east, that uses lightly roasted coffee beans and lots of cardamom, that coffee is actually yellow instead of brown after it's brewed. Like espresso, Arabic coffee is served in demitasse cups.
The bigger cookies are antique brass Arabic coffee pots, I dusted them with copper pearl dust to make them a little shiny. The cups replicate the most commonly used demitasse coffee cups in Lebanon, and other parts of the middle east (I'm American/Lebanese btw). I really love these cookies and it was really satisfying to make something from my culture into cookies.

All tied up, with a card.


Mona Um Ibrahim said...

wow beautiful!! Any decaf for me? Lol :)

Texan in UAE said...

I love them!!!!!! masha'a'Allah! may Allah make you successful at your business!!!! ameen following you!!! where are you living? would you ship to UAE?!

Dream It Up Cookies said...

Thanks so much sis. I live in Boston, Massachusetts. Sorry I don't ship international, it just cost so much and since they are cookies I dont know if they would survive all the way there in one piece, and also it might take too long and the wouldn't taste as good as they should.

Cherine said...

so cute!

cookies and cups said...

omg, these are the best! So cute!

Mary Ann said...

Hi! You are amazing with frosting! These cookies are like little works of art.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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